About my Book Reviews

I’m hoping to review books along the way: graphic novels and the books about them, screenwriting books, and other books I have found useful for art and encouragement.

My policy is that I will only review books that I like, and here is why: Different voices work for different ears, not everyone has the same taste (thank goodness), and there’s a chance (though I hope it’s small), that you might be turned off to a book if I give it an unfavorable review.  That might be sad, because that book might be perfect for you, just not for me.  I have no way to know.

Another reason I choose not to write negative reviews is that I don’t really want to take the time with that, and there’s enough dissing on the internet (and everywhere else) as it is.

Now, if I don’t review a book, it does not mean I didn’t like it or find it useful.  I may not have heard of it, or I may not have had time to read it or review it.


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